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Designer Boys Art for Interior Designers, Architects, Hotels & Resorts, Developers & Specialty Retailers. *** Log in to see trade prices and collections. *** Designer Boys Art for Interior Designers, Architects, Hotels & Resorts, Developers & Specialty Retailers. *** Log in to see trade prices and collections. ***

I've seen a piece from the collection but I can't find it here?

The Designer Boys Art Collection contains over 580 Collections encompassing 4000+ pieces of art. The full collection is only available to Interior Designers and specialty retailers. Designers Candy is the NZ distributor for this collection, we have made a small range available direct to the public but if you see a piece that you know is a Designer Boys piece and wish to purchase it please contact us on and we are more than happy to help or point you in the direction of an Interior Designer in your region.

Where does the Artwork come from ?

The Designer Boys are based in Queensland, Australia.

Can we order the artwork unframed?

No, all Artwork comes fully framed. We do not sell unframed art.

Does my frame selection alter the price?

There are three levels of frame selection Standard, Premium 1 and Premium 2. Your frame selection will determine the final price. Please refer to the frame options page to view frames.

What if I change my mind?

Please make sure that you are happy with your selection before you order as our products are indent and made to order. Once the order has gone into production it cannot be cancelled without full payment.

What if my textile artwork has a wrinkle in the linen?

The nature of this type of artwork is that it’s hand stitched onto linen which is a natural fiber, it’s never going to be perfect the way that a paper image is but that’s usually why people like linen. This is completely normal for this type of artwork. Handmade products will never give you the cookie cutter feel that a mass produced product gives you but with handmade items comes subtle imperfections which most people see as part of the charm of something handmade. The artwork cannot be returned because you don't like the imperfections within the linen.

Does the artwork come with glass or perspex?

All artwork sold in New Zealand comes with clear Acrylic of 'Perspex'. Clear Acrylic or 'Perspex' is a popular alternative to glass, offering a light-weight and shatterproof option. A soft, micro-fibre cloth must be used for cleaning the acrylic to minimize scratching. Acrylic does not protect your artwork against UV light.

Is the watermark on the artwork when it arrives?

No the watermark is only on online images. Your artwork will not have a watermark on it. All artworks on this website are protected by strict international copyright laws. Designer Boys Pty Ltd owns all copyright, information, intellectual property, text and images contained throughout this website and all its relevant products. Reproducing, publishing or copying any of these is not allowable without Designer Boys Pty Ltd prior written authorisation. All rights are reserved. Designers Candy is the New Zealand agent for Designer Boys Art Collections.

How should I display my artwork?

It is recommended that all artworks are displayed under indirect lighting conditions and away from any contact with moisture and high levels of humidity. Do not display artwork in the direct sun or in humid conditions.

What if my artwork arrives damaged?

If your artwork has arrived and there has been some damage during transportation please contact us within 24hrs to let us know. You will need to send us photo's of the damage both to the artwork and the box it arrived in so that we can send you a replacement. Keep the damaged boxes and artwork as we will arrange for collection of those. After 24hrs we cannot process your claim for damages so make sure you check the box and artwork immediately.

Do you ship artwork internationally?

No sorry we don't. We only supply to New Zealand and it's regional islands. If you are interested in the collection please contact Designer Boys Art for a distributor in your country.

What if I have a question that is not answered above?

Still no luck? We can help! Contact us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.